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As soon as a baby is born, our first question is often whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Maybe, like me, you know that you consider yourself a cat person. I know that when I meet someone, I kind of want to know if they consider themselves a dog or cat person. Do you care if the people you are friends with are cat people too? Dating sites even let you filter choices based on pet preference, and there are multiple website for meeting like-minded pet-loving singles such as and Dog Lovers From these categories, we believe that we can infer other information about someone, a sort of cognitive shortcutting, so to speak.But have you thought about how being a cat person might make you different from other people?

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My membership was, frankly, embarrassing—not the first thing I’d mention to a girl at a bar. Unless they were super nerdy or oozing I-don’t-give-a-fuck hipster quirk, the cat guys I knew were afraid to come out from under the sofa.

After all, cats were for James Bond villains and hoarders.

It'll cost you at least .99 a month..will save you the gluten heartache (or stomachache).

The site launched in 2013 and has a network of 20,000 singles and counting.