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He was also suspended by the school authorities on Thusday evening based on the recommendations of the Education Department, officials said.

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You can view your Share Point display language, time zone, country/region, and related settings at any time from your personal profile page, accessible from your desktop or mobile devices.If your organization policies allow it, you can also change your language and region settings.If you add multiple languages, you can use the up and down arrows in My Content and Search box to indicate the order in which these languages should be used.For example, if you want French to be the primary language and English to be used only if French is not available, click the arrows to make sure French has top priority.For all Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu text to be displayed correctly in Outlook Web App, support for languages that are read from right-to-left and for script languages must be installed on the client computer.

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The language setting determines the language of the Microsoft Office Outlook Web App sign-in page and error messages. You can use Outlook Web App or the Microsoft to configure language settings for Outlook Web App.

I haven't been on in a few months, but before, i was able to change it to English, and the people that where suggested for me where also English speakers in my area. POF uses the default language which is set in your browser. Wonder if this because the settings are "Western European"- possibly wouldn't occur in US? It is possible for the application to detect the country of origin through the ip address of the user..would then direct the user to the appropriate language site for that country.

Anyway, I have absolutely no idea how to change the language now; I've been searching for ages and can't find it, so if anyone could help me that would be great! Okay so I've no idea what just happened, but the site just logged me off, and when I logged back in, it was changed to English for me, without using Google Translator. In my version of Fire Fox for example you select tools/options/content The exact key strokes or clicks is dependent on the exact browser and version you are running. Sounds like something that would happen very high in the application hierarchy life web.config so hard to override this behavior if an override is not programmed in.

To delete a language, click the X option next to the language.

Note: For a consistent viewing experience, select corresponding settings for your language and region options.