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rrdtool create filename [--start|-b start time] [--step|-s step] [--template|-t template-file] [--source|-r source-file] [--no-overwrite|-O] [--daemon|-d address] [DS:ds-name[=mapped-ds-namesource-index]: DST:dst arguments] [RRA: CF:cf arguments] The create function of RRDtool lets you set up new Round Robin Database (RRD) files. RRDtool will not accept any data timed before or at the time specified.

The file is created at its final, full size and filled with *UNKNOWN* data, unless one or more source RRD files have been specified and they hold suitable data to "pre-fill" the new RRD file. See also AT-STYLE TIME SPECIFICATION section in the rrdfetch documentation for other ways to specify time.

The data of the template file is NOT used for pre-filling, but it is possible to specify the same file as a source file (see below).


RRDtool is more or less the defacto way to store time-series data in the information technology world.

Creating the graphs on the command line isn't that hard once you know how to set things up and it turns out doing the same in PHP is just as easy.

For this tutorial I'm going to assume you understand how to get RRDTool installed and working from the command line.

If not you should take a look at this tutorial (if you are in a hurry look at the "A Real World Example" section) or any of the tutorials on this page.

Setup and introduction You need to have PHP compiled with RRDTool support to run the following PHP examples.