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God's future history of the world, and the destiny of believers and unbelievers. Judgment, Restoration and Replacement I: Positional Victory B. Even those who pay it lip service do not seem to fully appreciate the critical importance of the doctrines of eschatology not only to spiritual growth, but to spiritual safety as well. For it is a tenet of our faith that our generation is just as likely to be called upon to put them practical use as any other generation of Christians has been in the past or may be in the future.Now all these things happened unto them for examples, and they are written for our admonition, upon who the ends of the ages are come. The Focus of God's Plan, Jesus Christ, His Person and His Work C. The "Lord's Prayer", the model prayer given by Jesus to His disciple when asked "teach us how to pray as John taught his disciples", is predicated on a future event to which all of us as Christians are instructed to direct our gaze.(Twitter @Israel Hatzolah) In the face of ongoing Muslim riots surrounding the Temple Mount, several dozen National Religious rabbis sent out a call on Thursday for Jews to ascend to the holiest site in Judaism.“It is a great merit to go up, and to be raised up, to the holy mountain in order to seek guidance for Zion and to strengthen our hold on this holy place,” wrote the rabbis.

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God's Disposition of Satan: A Historical Overview 2. We should all earnestly hope for and daily express in our prayers our desire for the establishment of the Kingdom of God here on earth.It is only in this way that we shall truly see His "will done on earth as it is in heaven".What we are to look forward to with such intent, however, can only occur after nearly all of the prophecies of future events have first taken place.The unique Person and work of the Word of God incarnate, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without Jesus the world is a hard, cold, and bitter place, but in Him we rejoice with boundless joy, for as intimate and everlasting members of His Bride, the Church, we exist for Him (Rom.8:8-39; Eph.1:9-10; cf.Everything in the heavens and on the earth was created by Him (Jesus Christ), things invisible as well as those visible – whether thrones, authorities, rulers or powers, everything was created through Him and for Him. 1Cor.8:6; 2Cor.-15; Gal.; Col.-20; Heb.12:2), and will ever be with Him (Jn.14:3). The Islamic Waqf has boycotted the compound, leaving Jews unmolested by Muslim chaperones forbidding prayer.