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Of over 4,000 quotations in the books this Encyclopedia is based on, only 164 statements are by creationists.

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I hope everyone in life could feel the peace and happiness I feel within and could look at positives around them.

Daughter will survive, there are millions of fatherless children in the world, most don't get to inherit a couple million.It reads: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."I don't see why Shayanna would trip out over Aaron fucking some guy in prison.He was going to be in there for life and decided that he wasn't going to live without getting some kind of ass. [quote]• Investigators found three handwritten notes in Aaron Hernandez's cell next to a Bible that was open to John How do they determine the Bible was open to one verse?Any open Bible will be open to dozens, even hundreds of verses. I am 100% positive that he hooked up with Tim Tebow in college hence the Bible verse.We need to get a tell-all from his lover before the guy offs himself. r35 correct, she (well her daughter) gets all his money without having to deal with him anymore.Tveit told us about becoming Agent Warren (he can now shoot a gun), rapping in the shower, and his best-ever on-screen kiss. I think I had shot a .22 rifle once in my life, but I had never really learned how to operate it, and I wasn't familiar with handguns.